10 Daily Habits for a Clean Home

Habits for a Clean Home

10 Daily Habits for a Clean Home


Cleaning our home is the last thing most of us want to do. Maintaining a clean home is the key to a safe and hygienic setting. With so many interesting activities to do around us, we tend to live an utterly unhealthy life. Not everyone can be a pro at cleaning home and that is okay. Organizing and setting up a clean home cannot happen overnight. However, you can reach the goal by curbing all the bad habits causing a disservice to your home. This can be achieved by doing things right away instead of putting them up for later. This article is all about everyday habits for keeping your home in order. Keep reading to understand how little steps add up to big results with an easy checklist for a hygienic home. Here are 10 daily habits you can maintain for a clean home:

1. Hidden Dangers of dirty carpets

Unclean carpets are often the breeding grounds for dust mites. They attract dead skin cells, allergens, pet urine, food particles, and so on. This dirt clings to the carpet can trigger health problems like asthma and eczema. Make it a habit to not walk on the carpet with the outdoor shoes as they carry invisible bacteria. Removing your shoes before walking on your carpet is very significant. Vacuuming alone will not help to eliminate any germs grinding into the carpets. Instead, you need to opt for professional cleaning services to eradicate the allergens.


2. Treating your kitchen well

Make it a habit to clean your kitchen thoroughly before going to bed. You can wrap up the cleaning process within ten minutes. This cleaning routine helps to prevent piling up of the kitchen chores. Clean up stains or spills on stove knobs before they become too hard or sticky. Your cleaning sponge can help bacteria to grow easily. You need to change your sponge or boil it daily to kill germs. Do not use the same cutting boards for meat and vegetables. Keep away from dirt by cleaning the floors weekly using the disinfectant solution and sweeping daily. Your refrigerator needs to receive the attention it deserves by throwing away rotten food and cleaning the surface well. While putting away the trash, remember to clean the trash cans by scrubbing them with disinfectants using gloves.


3. Deep-cleaning your mattress

You need to deep-clean your mattress every six months by eliminating water-based products. Sweating while sleeping can often increase the chances of the growth of fungi on the mattress. The dead skin falling off can create an improved breeding space for dust mites. You need to seek professional help to eradicate bugs from your mattress. The damp surface combined with the dead cells can create a perfect environment for bacteria formation. All these conditions, if left untreated can cause asthma, sneezing, eczema, and so on. You can also attain instant freshness by sprinkling baking soda on your mattress.


4. Cleaning TV remotes

Your TV remotes should be the last thing you lookup for cleaning. It is very essential to know the importance of disinfecting your TV remotes. It is essential to wipe it every week or at least every month. Ensure you remove the batteries before cleaning them with alcohol and water. Use a toothpick to remove debris from the edges and gaps between the buttons.


5. Hoarding

Every home has a certain space or furniture to pile up the used things that remain untouched. This is because people refuse to throw away used things with the fear of losing something important. This results in posing various health hazards. You need to take some time to de-clutter the cabinets, storages, and drawers. This helps to organize specific supplies by not going around hunting for your daily needs.


6. Keeping the oven clean

Cleaning your oven is one of the tasks we keep delaying as long as possible. Being the most hated household chore, we leave it longer to make it worse. You can instantly clean the spills using soap and water by not letting it get harder with continuous overheating of the oven. Leaving it unclean for longer would require a professional cleaning service to maintain hygiene in the kitchen.


7. Keeping Pests away

Pests like cockroaches, termites, ants, etc. need to be controlled to keep your home disease-free. The most picked up option for stopping the spread of infection is through pest control services. Besides seeking professional help, there are a few tricks and tips to help you keep pests from your home. You need to disinfect your kitchen racks, drawers, and stovetops regularly to eliminate pest infections. Keeping the bathroom clean mitigates the risk of pest infection. Wash the sink and clean your toilet pot every alternate day. Ensure to fully close your shower curtains for proper drying and free of moss. Do not let stagnant water stand outside your houses to ensure a hygienic environment.


8. Clean up your garden

A well-maintained garden is essential to spend quality time with your dearest ones. Fallen leaves and twigs should not stop you from enhancing the beauty of your garden. Ensure to fill in the holes to avoid the accumulation of stagnant water. The ponds and fountains need to be cleaned regularly to control pests. Throw out items that cannot be recyclable after every clean. Prune damaged plants regularly to control pests and keep them clean from pests.


9. Pool Cleaning

Maintaining your pool by protecting it from bacteria formation and proper cleaning is a must. Keep your pool sparkling by spending a few minutes brushing and cleaning the pool. You can also rely on pool cleaning services for guaranteed hygienic results. Testing the exact level of chlorine, alkaline and ph. are important for balancing chemicals for a safe swim. Make sure to clean every nook and cranny of the pool that stays out of vision. Your pool can turn out to a lagoon if it is not treated well. It is a major breeding ground for bugs and algae.


10. Maintaining good gutters

Most often gutters can turn from a necessity to a nightmare if it is neglected. Regular cleaning of gutters is vital to control the flow of rainwater from your roofs. But if left untreated, it can serve a home for rodents, pests, honeycombs, fungi, and whatnot. Gutters get clogged with debris, fallen leaves and sticks, water from leaky roofs, and so on. If the clog is not fixed right, there are chances for foundation cracks causing structural failure for your homes. If you have trees around your home, you need to clean the gutters every three months to eliminate clogging.


Maintaining a hygienic home setting appears a little overwhelming in the beginning, but slightly changing your daily habits makes it easy for you. Everything is a lot easier if you do it right away. Develop the habit of putting things back the way they are supposed to be. For example, it hardly takes a minute to clean the table after eating, but keeping it the same can allow the dirt to accumulate. This delayed cleaning of debris results in airborne health problems, by making it way more complicated than it is. Spending a few minutes for cleaning daily leaves you with plenty of time to do your favorite things. We need to pick up new habits to embrace healthy and better-living conditions.


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