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When the lease expires and the person has to move into a new house then the bond cleaning is required. You are busy with the packers and movers and giving the final touch to the packing to be done. You also need to take care of the new home and make sure that all the required facilities are cleared there. In this run from here and there, you may forget to clear up the mess in the old rental house. In such cases, you may find it difficult to get your rental bond refund. This is where the importance of bond cleaning Sunshine Coast comes up. 

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What is bond cleaning?

There are many service providers who help out the tenants to get their bond refund. The process of getting back the bond refund after proper cleaning of the property is popularly known as bond cleaning. The experts in this field guarantee to get back the entire refund of your bond from the owner. The bond clean is also known as the exit clean and lease clean. 

The process of bond cleaning is a complex process and calls for proper expertise in this field. The experts have excellent knowledge on the cleaning of the products and the house so that the entire property is clean and can be neatly handed over back to the owner. There is a specific checklist which is followed by the experts and this report is known as the exit condition report. 

In the bond cleaning Sunshine Coast, there are various activities involved before getting back the refund from the owner. The expert service providers have the best training staff. The main activities included are cleaning of the walls, any kind of artwork done is cleaned from the walls, entire cleaning of the carpets, cleaning of the stains caused by your pets, floor cleaning, exterior cleaning and the entire cleaning of the house is done by the bond cleaning experts. 

When you have to get your bond refund 100% then you should seriously think to hire the bond cleaning experts. When the house is leased then cleaning deposit fees should be deposited. This deposit is utilized for doing all kinds of repairs and cleaning of the house even before the tenant leaves the house. The house has to be perfectly neat and clean to get a 100% refund of the bond.

bond cleaning sunshine coast
bond cleaning sunshine coast
bond cleaning sunshine coast

Bond Cleaning Sunshine Coast- Checklist


Clean Oven walls, grills and trays

Clean stove tops, grease, and gunk and making it sparkling

Clean Range Hood, remove grease from the filter

Clean Benchtops and surfaces

Deep clean kitchen cabinets and cupboards, shelves inside out

Deep clean drain holes, Sinks, taps, and plugs and remove debris

Clean air vents, remove dust bunnies from the glass, blade, accessible lighting fixtures, and other components


Clean shower doors, showerhead, and shower screens, bath, toilets, and basins, freeing them of hard water scale and calcium, grime, and gunk

We do not offer 100% guarantee of removal of Grout, Mold, and Permanent marks and stains

wash tile surfaces and grout and restoring luster and cleaning bench tops

polish Mirrors

Dust air vents


Clean cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers

Clean light switches and outlet cover

Clean window panes for dirt, dust, filaments, and cobwebs, shutters, window blinds and sills, channels or tracks, PVC frames, and ledges

Clean fly screen doors and windows and making them free of dirt, dust

Detail doors, skirting boards, and Window ledges

Clean windows and tracks

Removing Cobwebs

blinds deep cleaning or washing (as required)

spot clean walls up to 4 to 5 marks for one wall

wall wash with sugar soap (as required)

cleaning furniture and White goods that include microwave, Fridge, dryer, washing machine, (as required)

Sweeping and mopping of one balcony of average size included

We will report any damaged item

Washing of AC outer unit, cleaning of drain tray and air filter

Steam cleaning of carpet (as required)

Pest control (as required)


Vacuum and mop floors, spot clean walls, wash cupboards and sink, and remove cobwebs


Sweep and mop floor, remove cobweb

a comprehensive garage (as required)


Reachable External windows (as required)

Deep cleaning of Blinds (as required)

Outside areas of houses including yard, deck, and, studios (as required)

Kitchen gadgets barring microwave (as required)

Cleaning of the outside (as required)

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To get your bond back from property dealers, and carry out hassle-free cleaning service, hire the experts at Bond Cleaning Sunshine Coast for an excellent performance. Our experts have the correct knowledge with which they offer efficient services at a reasonable rate. As it is related to cleaning service, the experts have the required know-how on the cleaning standards. However, the tenants need to hire an experienced cleaning service such that they can meet the requirements for owners or property agents. If only the agents get convenience with the cleaning, it ensures that you can get back your bond money. We assure our esteemed customers, helping them get back their hard-earned money. Bond cleaning also known as end of lease cleaning Sunshine Coast  offer best and affordable price packages which makes us the best choice of cleaning company. Bond cleaning Sunshine coast prices allow you to choose from a variety of packages that fits your budget.

Our expert team adheres to the latest cleaning checklist that is a must to cover as we promise to deliver only professional service. We are also concerned about the safety measures to be followed at the time of cleaning make the service a hassle-free one to get back your bond. 

To cope up with the requirements of our customers, we use high-end equipment and machinery. It helps to accomplish the cleaning project in a quick time. Other than this, we can maintain our efficiency in cleaning and reach out to the challenging cleaning areas with the correct use of the latest technology machinery set. It is one such factor that sets us apart from other bond cleaning services available in the market. 

As we have started to use the latest machinery kit, we leave no stones unturned to clean the area entirely. Be it kitchen space, bedroom, bathroom, or any other space in your house. We focus on efficient cleaning. Throughout our process, we maintain top-notch safety measures if you have kids and pets at home. We try to make the service an environmentally friendly one making the service easy on the pockets of our customers.

USPs of our service 

  1. Extensive cleaning process

We clean most areas of the property, and it covers up the bedroom, bathroom, living places, kitchen entrance space, driveway, and the like. 

  1. We are maintaining the approved checklist. 

We follow  checklist that ensures quality service to our valued customers. 

  1. Help you get the bond money back. 

We believe in a suitable and customer-related approach service to offer the best.  We ensure that the property manager will be satisfied with the cleaning work and happy to return the bond money.

When facing a problem to get back your bond money due to cleaning problems, it is our expert team you need to hire to get the required professional service. To get the perfect peace of mind, it is our team who are responsible for handling the task efficiently. 

Working with an experienced and qualified team

  • Qualified team

The success of our team lies in the expertise, dedication, and friendly nature of our team. Our trained staff has the correct knowledge on how to carry out the cleaning tasks in a quick time. 

  • Insured team of cleaners 

Only certified members are part of our cleaning team. Each of them is policy verified, ensuring that they can offer a suitable service.   

  • Trained professionals

The professionals get the latest industry-standard training so that they know the tips to follow when cleaning the house space.also. It helps them to cover up the problematic areas and yet offers quality service.

  • Offer re-cleaning work 

In case, the agent or property manager wants renovation or re-work, we are here to hire for re-cleaning service and fix the issue at the earliest to make it easy for you. 

Get our trusted service. 

If you have to hire our service, you are sure to get suitable cleaning assistance from our team. Dedication and affordable rates are our forte, and we try to offer the service within the promised turnaround time. Our excellent service has spread to both residential and commercial space, including some suburban areas of Sunshine coast. 

So, without any further delay, it is time to get in touch with our experts and let us clean the space to avail of your bond returns. Get your quote now for professional results and reach us at 0400 121 121.

Why choose our service over others?

  • Unmatched service 

Dedicated to delivering top-notch service, we have successfully gained the trust of our customers. We can offer reliable service, and thus, we are among the preferred ones in the cleaning industry. It is the result of years of hard work that our customers rely on us for the excellent and professional service we deliver.

  • Use of the latest types of equipment 

Our team only uses professional and advanced equipment and machinery to clean the dirty spaces in the living space. It has enabled them to easily reach the challenging areas and offer secure cleaning solutions in quick time. To provide a cleaning service with perfection, we only use the latest technology items. To get rid of dust particles and stubborn marks on the floor and on sofas, it is our cleaning team that can ensure professional service. So, why wait when we are just a click or call away?

  • Good level of cleaning 

As we can maintain our standards of service, this has helped us become one of the preferred choices for the people in Sunshine Coast. Even when customers are looking for cleaning service on budget, we are the ones to make it easy on pockets. For this, we give discount offers on the first cleaning service for those customers who recently become our new member. 

However, our team is working to adopt the latest techniques to offer the best service to our customers. We are continually working on developing our team and helping our brand stand out from the rest in the market.  

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People who move out of a rented house require bond cleaning. They ask for quotes from blond cleaning companies. It’s hard to get an accurate quote. The average cost of our blond cleaning services is $280 for a standard 2 BHK with 1bath. This amount is $400 for a standard 3 BHK with 2 baths. While we usually charge for the hours of work we do, we appreciate that people have different requirements. Those who wish to know more can call us or fill in the form on our website.

Reserving our bond cleaning service is a breeze. You can send us your enquiry online with “Request a Free Quote.” You can also call us at 0400 120 120.

The choice is yours. Usually, our clients leave their property open. When our cleaners are on the verge of finishing, they are going to call you. They do so as you may wish to check how your property looks.

We will require Hot water and electricity for the bond cleaning of a property. If you have a problem keeping your property electrify on, we will deploy our own generators. However, we will possibly charge extra for the generator.

As a provider of Bond Cleaning throughout Sunshine coast for real estate agents , owners and tenants , we guarantee every one of our bond cleans. Though the chances are minimal, we appreciate the fact that your property manager may not be pleased with a clean. In that case, our cleaners are going to go to the property and correct all the problems at the earliest. We won’t charge extra.

You are advised to shift all the furniture in your property before the bond cleaners turn up.

We offer other services besides bond cleaning Sunshine Coast. We do BBQ and oven cleaning, Office and corporate cleaning, carpet cleaning,  Pest control, exterior pressure washing and spring cleaning. Call and reserve us for the service you want.

Usually, we won’t get in touch with your landlord. However, if you would like us to get in touch with them, please inform us when you book us.

We are unable to state an accurate time for a bond cleaning before checking a property. The average time needed for a 3 BHK with 2 baths is between 8 and10 hours. This time will be between 4 and 6 hours for a small 1 BHK with 1 bath.

At present, we offer services all over Sunshine Coast. Call us to reserve a bond cleaning.

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