Bond Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Looking for bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast?

When the lease expires and the person has to move into a new house then the bond cleaning is required. You are busy with the packers and movers and giving the final touch to the packing to be done. You also need to take care of the new home and make sure that all the required facilities are cleared there. In this run from here and there, you may forget to clear up the mess in the old rental house. In such cases, you may find it difficult to get your rental bond refund. This is where the importance of bond clean comes up. 

What is bond cleaning?

There are many service providers who help out the tenants to get their bond refund. The process of getting back the bond refund after proper cleaning of the property is popularly known as bond cleaning. The experts in this field guarantee to get back the entire refund of your bond from the owner. The bond clean is also known as the exit clean and lease clean. 

The process of bond cleaning is a complex process and calls for proper expertise in this field. The experts have excellent knowledge on the cleaning of the products and the house so that the entire property is clean and can be neatly handed over back to the owner. There is a specific checklist which is followed by the experts and this report is known as the exit condition report. 

In the bond cleaning, there are various activities involved before getting back the refund from the owner. The expert service providers have the best training staff. The main activities included are cleaning of the walls, any kind of artwork done is cleaned from the walls, entire cleaning of the carpets, cleaning of the stains caused by your pets, floor cleaning, exterior cleaning and the entire cleaning of the house is done by the bond cleaning experts. 

When you have to get your bond refund 100% then you should seriously think to hire the bond cleaning experts. When the house is leased then cleaning deposit fees should be deposited. This deposit is utilized for doing all kinds of repairs and cleaning of the house even before the tenant leaves the house. The house has to be perfectly neat and clean to get a 100% refund of the bond.

Bond Cleaning Sunshine Coast- Checklist

  • First step is to have a bond cleaning checklist. This list should contain all the items that were originally present in the house when the tenant moved in to stay in the house. You should also have the conditions for the permanently fixed furniture, carpets, walls, windows, and the doors. The main idea of having this list is that the house should be perfectly intact when the tenant leaves the house. 
  • Next step is to check for the broken or damaged items. There may be few items that are damaged beyond repair a few others can be repaired easily. Those which are repairable or replaceable should be repaired or replaced and then handed over to the owner. 
  • The handling of delicate items is the specialty of the bond cleaning services provided by us. We give a guarantee of the services provided. We make up for any loss or damage caused during the time of cleaning. The house owners would hesitate to give fragile items to clean. Our experts handle them very easily and with excellent professionalism. In case our experts feel that the cleaning is not done properly then the same is done again at no extra cost. 
  • Time is definitely very important for the completion of any work. We understand the value of time and hence our professionals manage the work in teams. Every team is given a corner of the house. Hence the time spent is less and the work gets done on time. We promise that there shall be no compromise on the quality of work.              
  • Budget is always a concern for the house owners. In general hiring, the bond cleaning agencies could prove to be very expensive. Hiring our professionals will ensure economical rates. Besides this, we provide various types of guarantee in which you can get compensated in case of any damages. 
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