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Window blinds enhance the look of windows and rooms, especially in living rooms and offices. However, they also get stained and dirty pretty easily owing mainly to the chain and weight system. They may also harbor germs and mold. So, you need to clean the blinds regularly. Otherwise, the health and hygiene of your family are going to suffer big time. However, window blind cleaning is not a DIY job. There are several varieties of blinds, and all of them need to be cleaned differently. Only a professional cleaning service with years of experience in household and commercial cleaning can do justice to the job.

About Us

We are a professional cleaning service provider in the Gold Coast area. We have been providing cleaning services to domestic and commercial establishments in this area.

Why Us

We have a dedicated team of cleaners and technicians who are overseen by experienced supervisors. So, whatever be the type of window blind in your house, you can leave it on us to give it a comprehensive clean. We know very well that cleaning is not just toiling. It involves identifying the stains, devising techniques to remove them, and also making sure that cleaning agents don’t cause allergic health hazards. This calls for responsible and effective blind cleaning, the hallmark of ozclean. 

  • Cleaning all types of blinds

You may have different types of blinds in your house or office windows. We have the experience, capability, and equipment to clean every type of window blind. This includes Venetian blinds, cellular blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds, Roman blinds, and roller screens. Different types of blinds have different systems and call for different cleaning procedures. We have a separate cleaning system for each type of window blind. The aim is to ensure that the blinds in all your windows get a thorough cleansing and regain their beauty and elegance.

  • Using the power of dry steam vapor

We use the power of dry steam vapor to remove stains, dirt, dust, germs, molds, and odor from windows. There is no doubt that steam can reach every nook and corner of the window blinds and cleanse them thoroughly. Steam can go deep inside pores of blades and nooks of chains and weights. It can remove all the dust, dirt and molds that lodge deep inside these nooks and pores. Moreover, since the vapor is dry it does not lead to accumulation of moisture. This prevents further build-up of molds inside the blades and other places.   

  • Specific blind cleaning techniques

DIY cleaning processes using soapy water may not give a thorough clean to the blinds. It can be counter-productive as drying of water from the blinds needs time and stagnation of water in the window grout may give rise to bad odor. We have specific blind cleaning techniques using dry steam vapor.

  • Experienced team of professionals

We have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in cleaning dirty, dusty, and stained window blinds. They are overseen by experienced supervisors. This is why we can offer the very best of cleaning services at an affordable rate in Gold Coast. 

  • Eco-friendly cleaning agents

We use eco-friendly cleaning agents to make sure that the blinds get a comprehensive cleansing and deodorizing treatment. This also ensures that there is no residual cleaning agent which can precipitate allergic health hazards. Moreover, we use approved chemicals only. 

  • Different processes for different sizes of Venetian blinds

We adopt separate blind cleaning processes for Venetian blinds of different sizes. We have the most experienced who can decide on the most appropriate cleaning process. They execute the job with the help of the best blind cleaning equipment in the market. We also resort to spraying cleaning and vacuum cleaning to remove ultra-fine particles of dust, pollens, etc. The grouts between the Venetian blind blades are cleaned by wet cleaning or spray foams to make sure that there is no accumulation of moisture, dust, or dirt in them.

  • Cleansing difficult to clean vertical blinds

For vertical blinds, we use advanced cleaning equipment to make sure that every speck of dust is removed from the plates and grooves. We also use deodorizing agents to cleanse the grouts and spaces between the vertical plates comprehensively. Our cleaners use a variety of scrubbers to clean the grouts and the blades while taking care not to damage the delicate plates.

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