Tricks to Clean Hard-to-Reach Places of Your Home

Nothing can be more exhausting than cleaning up the pesky corners of your home. It is nearly a battle to get away with the stubborn dirt. You have no choice but to defeat against them to maintain a healthy, hygienic environment in your house. This blog can help you with some tricky ideas to clean up the spooky corners and the unseen pollutants.


Garbage Disposal

Our house’s garbage disposal is believed to be the most unhygienic appliance, which is hardly cleaned. It is advisable to clear it under running water after at least one week of interval. It is better not to use your hand directly into it; instead, use a hard-bristled brush and a pasty solution of baking soda and water to scrub the container’s interior. To avoid the unpleasant odors, you can also keep a few peels of citrus.


Sliding Tracks

The tracks of the sliding doors tend to accumulate more dust than the floor. A routine clean up is best to remove the dirt underneath the frames. You can roll up or shape the toilet paper tube on the edge of the vacuum suction tube. It is a great way to remove the lodged dirt under the window frame. After you remove the dirt, dip a towel or brush into a water solution (one tablespoon of liquid soap and two cups of warm water) and clean the remnants.


Behind the Commode

It is painstaking to maintain the cleanliness of the toilet. No matter how deliberate you are to clean the bathroom regularly, some specific spaces remained untouched. If you notice the area behind your commode, you will likely find stains or patches, therefore; it becomes the abode for harmful bacteria. Wearing a face mask, knee pads, and rubber gloves, you can scrub over away the spaces to dislodge the toilet base, wall, and floor. Get a disinfectant cleaner to remove the prowling bacteria and follow the direction written on the label. Finally, rinse it with clear water and pat it dry.


Ceiling and Molding

These are the most neglected part of our house. We hardly take any initiative to clean the higher points of our home. All the dirt and cobwebs lodged there are not at all a pretty sight. Here it would help if you had a long-handled brush or broom. The task multiplies when the molding is crafted with intricate design. Make sure to wear a mask; the falling pollutants can stimulate allergies. To alleviate pressure on your neck, you can use a handy ladder.


Dishwasher Filter

We recommend cleaning the dishwasher filter on a day-to-day basis. Food particles and debris keep pile on the filter that might result in filthy stinks. Thus, it is advisable to pull out the bottom rack to remove the filter or merely lift it and then wipe up the filter. You can soak in warm water inside a liquid washing solution to remove all the darts for removable filters.  


Cleanliness is Godliness. No matter how busy your schedule is, you have to take out time to perform the clean-up tasks. These simple tricks can help you to ease your burden. Remember, by maintaining proper hygiene; you can live a healthy life.

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