Every action has a reaction or has an impact on the people around us. It is vital to create a safer environment and we can begin it with the cleaning of our homes and offices.

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The well-trained technicians of Ozclean Gold coast ensure quality cleaning services at your doorstep. We follow effective techniques to give a fresh ambiance to your space. Cleaning is not a burden for us but fun as we know that it benefits everyone in your near surroundings.

The three crucial tasks

These tips can be helpful for rental properties as well as the general public to make a healthy living environment. So, let us learn about it.

Be specific about where to start. Reorganizing every drawer of the place is not the objective. The aim is to build a safe environment for both work and home. Break the whole process into smaller steps and divide it into three important tasks i.e., decluttering, cleaning, and disinfecting.

Declutter your home or office

Along with being a source of stress, clutters can impede cleaning. We can deal with the situation if we collect similar items together and move them to a particular place.

There are various clutter offenders that you can start with:

  1. Group all the dishes in the sink.
  2. Place all the paper items in a carton to arrange them later.
  3. Put the dirty laundry into a hamper and take it to a designated area.

Keep your focus on cleaning the items off the surfaces and get done with organizing at a later time.

Deep clean the area

Before disinfecting the area, it is recommended by the U.S CDC to conduct dusting, remove cobwebs, and wipe up the ceiling fans. Clean the walls, vents, and cupboards. Clean the tables and vacuum properly before mopping. It is generally suggested to wear disposable gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals while using disinfecting solutions.

Effective disinfection

Surfaces that are regularly touched require disinfection. Bleach and alcohol are the two effective household products that work against bacteria and viruses. Take care while reading the label instructions on such products as they are hazardous when inter-mixed together.

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