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Rugs enhance the look and feel of floors. However, these are often the primary source of allergens since stuff like dirt, dust, and germs easily settle on them. This has the potential to turn the indoor environment toxic and unhealthy. If you don’t clean the rug regularly, it can also grow molds. It pays to clean the rugs regularly so that you can fend off the germs and mold and maintain hygiene in the house. Regular rugs cleaning can render households healthy to live in. However, it is not easy to clean rugs with DIY processes. You need to entrust a professional household cleaning company to clean rugs in your house. 

About Us

We are a leading provider of household cleaning services in Gold Coast. We are a skilled team of technicians, cleaners, and supervisors with a wealth of cleaning experience between us. We can cleanse the rugs in your house and make them free from dirt, dust, mold, mites, and germs. We know that cleaning is not just about using pieces of equipment; it is about the experience in identifying stains and applications of proper techniques for removing them.

Why us
  • Experience in rugs cleaning  

The rugs in your house can get stained and dirty in a number of ways. It may also harbor unhealthy stuff like dust mites, germs, and molds. This is why you need to clean the rugs regularly. However, it is hardly possible for a household to clean this stuff effectively. You need to use advanced technology and skilled manpower to clean these things effectively. This is why you need to rely on a professional service. We don’t use traditional methods to clean rugs. We use advanced dry steam vapor to clean every pore of the rugs. We have years of experience in using dry steam vapor for rugs cleaning as well as cleaning of carpets and other household staff. 

  • Dry steam vapor cleaning 

We use dry steam vapor to clean rugs and carpets. This can comprehensively remove dust, dirt, stains, odors, mold, fungi, etc from rugs. Unlike dry cleaning using harsh chemicals, this process does not leave any harmful residue. Dry steam vapor is considered to be ideal for rugs cleaning as it can penetrate every pore of the rug and cleanse it comprehensively.  

  • Latest Equipment  

Equipment plays an important role in cleaning obstinate stains and removing molds. We use the latest equipment for steam cleaning to deal with the obstinate stains on rugs. 

  • Safe cleaning 

We have to use some chemicals to remove stains and odors. However, all the chemicals used are certified to be safe for use in households. These can cleanse the toughest spots and also remove dust and dirt.  

  • Superior cleaning techniques 

Efficacy of cleaning depends a lot on cleaning techniques. Our cleaners follow superior cleaning techniques to render comprehensive cleaning to the rugs. We also use advanced treatments for hard stains and obstinate dust that cannot be dislodged by simple cleaning processes.

  • Dedicated allergen test

Despite using all the certified chemicals we make sure that there is no residue left in the rugs after cleaning. Any chemical residue can precipitate allergic reactions in your family members. Therefore, we conduct allergen tests to make sure that no chemical, germs or bacteria resides in the grouts or pores of rugs.

  • Dust mite treatment

Dust mites are one of the most threatening allergens in the indoor environment. Rugs and carpets are the best shelters for dust mites. We make sure that the colony of dust mites is removed comprehensively from the rugs.

  • Damage restoration

Rugs are also prone to bad odor, pet stains, deep spots, and greasy marks. These can damage the rugs. This is why during rugs cleaning we use damage restoration processes. This can make the rugs look like new ones.

  • Easy Booking 

Booking our services is easy; you can do it online. You need to visit, fill up the service request form online and submit it. You will receive a confirmation call within 24 hours, and a dedicated team of technicians, cleaners, and supervisors would become ready in a jiffy to do the job perfectly and safely. The rug will be free from all the unhygienic staff and get back its pristine charm.

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