While all your family members are enjoying a football match, you must be worrying about cleaning the home. It is obvious you want to sit with them and enjoy the match and have great family time together. We at Ozclean understand your priorities, now you will not live a life spent after cleaning a home, but we will do that for you while you sit back and enjoy the match. With experienced and professional cleaners and advanced cleaning equipment, we execute all the cleaning processes. All our representatives carry modern gadgets for the best outcomes.



Our range of services

With us you can always select the way you want your home to be cleaned. however, our typical service for cleaning includes:

  • Mopping- we mop each and every surface of your home thoroughly. Not only we mop the floor but also clean the tiles of the washroom and kitchen. We use organic chemicals to clean the grouted area between the tiles.
  • Vacuuming- Vacuuming is an essential part of our cleaning process. We use a heavy-duty vacuum machine to clean every doormat, curtain, and carpet of your home.
  • Wiping- nothing is better than wiping the table and kitchen counters with disinfectants. We wipe all the furniture and fixtures with disinfectants to make it clean.
  • Scrubbing- tough stains and dirt need a thorough scrubbing. We scrub every part of the house with tough stains. We leave back no mark of dirt or cleaning. All that is left behind is a bright, and shiny home. We also remove any smudges on the walls.

Our list of cleaning services is exclusive and includes many other services not mentioned above. You can mix and match all our services and get a tailor-made service for your home. Avail our services and you will immediately feel the difference

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