Hospital Cleaning

Hygiene of hospitals maintained by professionals
Cleanliness is next to Godliness goes the saying. Hygiene and cleanliness is vital at all places. In hospitals it is all the more important because there is a huge spread of germs. This can endanger the lives of individuals who are already sick.  Hospital cleaning has to be done in the best professional manner. This is because there are various patients with different infections coming to the hospital. The intention of the hospital is to heal a patient. The hospital would not want to put the patients in further danger and risk. The best option is to hire a professional hospital cleaning agency.  When you decide to hire a hospital cleaning agency ensure they comply with guidelines. Besides this they are into hospital housekeeping services. Hospitals are not ordinary buildings, they need proper sanitisation. This is to protect the patients and hospital staff from different bacteria and viruses.  We understand your commitment towards the hospital staff and patients. Hence it is important to hire a Hospital cleaning agency. If you select your housekeeping wisely it will make great difference to your hospital. Here are some of the services provided by us – 
  • We have trained professionals who are specialised in the cleaning of hospitals. They have graduated from various health management institutions.  Our professionals are specifically trained for hospital cleaning purposes. The health professionals are trained to sanitise the patient rooms, examination rooms, operation theatres, emergency wards, X-ray rooms and MRI rooms. Every place has a specific way of cleaning which is done by our professionals. Our healthcare professionals ensure that the expensive medical equipment is not damaged. 
  • Cost is always a concern when it comes to hospital cleaning. We understand your concern and charge reasonably. We provide the best services depending on your budget and also customise your plans.
  • Our trained employees take up the cleaning of the waiting rooms, reception area. Besides this they also disinfect the admission areas, offices of the doctors, pathology areas. They are also deployed at the cafeteria and public areas. 
  • No one would ever want to enter a smelly hospital. All of us want that it should be clean and we ensure that. This is the main reason why we have been extra attention to the public areas. These are the places where you have the most public interaction. Daily cleaning is done by our staff. The deep cleaning is done on a weekly basis. 
  • As you know that hospital is a place where different types of patients arrive. Hence we are making sure that our professionals are trained to handle blood borne pathogens and any kind of infections. Our company provides them timely training for the management of biohazard waste. They are also trained as to how to collect them and bifurcate them. They also know how to discard them. This ensures that they keep the place free from infections. Training is also imparted on the recycling of certain waste products. 
  • We comply with the healthcare standards. We have proper compliances and licences availed from the healthcare departments. We meet all the criteria prescribed by occupational safety and health administration. We also follow the environmental protection agency guidelines. 
  • Our management believes that interacting with the employees and following up on the work plays an important role. In order to provide the best services we have proper performance systems in place. Timely inspections of the facility areas is done by our supervisors. We also conduct a customer satisfaction survey from the hospital. This included the patients, hospital staff and also the visitors. We compile the summary of the survey and improve upon the suggestions given to us. We also make necessary changes based on the survey conducted. 
  • We are of the opinion that it is not enough to just keep the premises clean. Our professionals should be equally customer friendly. They need to keep in touch with outsiders’ day in and day out. Looking at this aspect they are provided behavioural training. These training sessions help them to deal with the patients, staff etc. in a courteous and friendly manner. They are very professional in their approach. 
  • We provide a complete undertaking to the hospitals ensuring cleanliness at all times. We assure that the health of the patients and the hospital staff would never be neglected.
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