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House Cleaning

A top-to-bottom house cleaning service to keep your house clean  and hygienic

Bond Cleaning

A thorough property cleaning to ensure that you get a 100% bond deposit return

Office Cleaning

A thorough office cleaning to provide your employees with a hygienic work atmosphere

Why Hire a Cleaning Service?

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Why should you hire a professional cleaning service?

The question is simple, and so is the answer. Hiring a professional cleaning service provider to meet your cleaning needs, whether it be residential or commercial, has many benefits. Starting from the time and money you can save by it to having a spotlessly clean atmosphere, the benefits are countless. Just imagine how much quality time you can have with your loved ones as the professionals take care of your home, commercial space, or anywhere else. So hiring a professional cleaning service provider can help you create memories. To simply put it, professional cleaners can make your life a little easier.

Ozclean is one of the emerging cleaning service providers in Queensland, Australia, which is gaining its popularity among the people by providing top-rated quality services. We at Ozclean always put our client’s needs as a top priority so that they can have a memorable professional cleaning experience. We only hire the best professional cleaners to make sure that our clients get a clean and hygienic living and the working atmosphere they deserve. Ozclean provides our clients services in both commercial and domestic sectors, ranging from carpet cleanings to commercial kitchen cleanings. And the best part is that we provide our services at the best rates possible.

Professional Cleaning Services

Saves Time of the Users

Ozclean’s cleaning services help in saving the time of clients

Professional Cleaning Services

Fully Insured

.All of Ozclean’s cleaning services and employees are fully insured

Professional Cleaning Services

Best Price Guarantee

Ozclean provides top-quality cleaning services at the best price

Professional Cleaning Services

Trustworthy Employees

.All the employees of Ozclean are trustworthy and are police-verified

100% Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

How to Book Us

We implement all modern cleaning and restoration techniques with the most advanced cleaning equipment. All our props, when complemented with the skilled and highly qualified professionals, turn out to be the most effective procedure with ensured best outcomes.

Professional Cleaning Services

Book Online Form

We have a user-friendly interface to opt for any of our residential or commercial professional cleaning services at a glance.

Professional Cleaning Services

Get Confirmation

Soon after the online form is submitted, you will an instant confirmation call to assign a team of cleaners, technicians, and supervisors.

Professional Cleaning Services

Sit Back & Relax

You can be sure that the results of our services will surely meet your expectations. We always look forward to your appreciation.

Our Clients

Why choose Us

There exists a lot of professional cleaning service providers in Queensland. So why choose us instead of all of them?

And the answer to that points to our professional qualities that no other cleaning service providers in Dubai can say to have. Apart from saving money for our clients, which they planned on buying cleaning tools and products, Ozclean’s professional cleaning services help them save time. While Ozclean does the cleaning, they can enjoy their newfound free-time, spending some quality time with their loved ones. So Ozclean will help you create memories.

Ozclean is a locally owned and operated service provider. So it is easier for us to deliver our services as fast as early as possible. Also, booking our cleaning services is so easy that you can start saving time from the very beginning. The plus point of our services is that we use eco-friendly methods and products to deliver our services. So you can shout-out your commitment to nature just by hiring us.

The one thing that many of you are concerned is about the trustworthiness of the cleaners. It is one of the main reasons many of you are not hiring a professional cleaning service provider. Well, you don’t have to worry about that at all if you are to hire us. We hire only trustworthy cleaners who are police-verified as our employees. Also, before we hire someone, a proper background check of them is conducted. What makes us even more unique is that we are time-flexible. Whenever you need our services, you can contact us, and we can provide our services at a time that’s convenient for you. Also, our customer care services will be working 24×7 for you. And we provide our services at the best price range possible for any professional cleaning service provider in Queensland.


We are one of the professional cleaning service providers who work to make your life a little better and help you save some time and money. Certain things are inclusive of the services that will help us help you get all the savings you want. Those are;


The best way to enter the commercial scene with a bang is to purchase an established business and gain from its brand name, customer base and goodwill in the market.

Professional Cleaning Services

Meet Our Franchise

Become A Bond Cleaning Franchisee With Us!

The commercial cleaning services industry has been growing at an unprecedented rate in Australia and has generated a staggering revenue of 11 billion in 2017-18. The boom is directly related to the surge in demand for professional residential and commercial cleaning in the past five years. Consequently, the bond cleaning business has emerged as an excellent investment avenue for driven individuals who wish to jump the bandwagon of entrepreneurship. A cleaning business can be started with a small investment and yields a high ROI because of the burgeoning demand in the market. With a Better Bond Cleaning Franchise, you can start trading and earning from day one. We provide thorough professional training in our methodology and working systems to our franchises, along with a robust support system. The franchisees can leverage the proven business model and the brand reputation to grow the business further and take it to the next level. With an extensive database of repeat customers and state of the art supplies and equipment at your disposal, owning a Better Bond Cleaning franchise is a complete win-win situation. Are you up for this opportunity that might change your life? If yes, then get in touch with us today.

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