Guide to end of Lease Cleaning in Gold Coast

End of lease cleaning entails the restoration of the leased home to its initial condition. The lessee has to clean the unit either himself or by hiring the services of a bond cleaning gold coast company. However, before engaging a company you need to consider some important factors. There is a lot at stake before you check out. 

  • Make a detailed plan 

You are at the risk of losing your entire security deposit if there is a property inspection. They check for minute things. So, give a thorough cleaning of rugs and carpets in your house. Also, clean the kitchen cabinets, counters, sink, dishwasher, taps, etc. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the bathroom, the taps, the showers, toilet seats et al. Remove stains from the floor. It is a tough job. It is a good idea to take the help of the best bond cleaner’s gold coast for such a comprehensive cleaning job. 

  • Make a checklist

Cleaning a rented space comes with additional responsibilities. You need to make everything look like they had been when you had taken over the property on rent. This calls for preparing a checklist of things to do and proceed step by step. You may also need to take the help of a professional bond cleaning Gold Coast Company. You can get good deals in the Gold Coast area if you scan a number of such services.

First of all, you need to prepare a schedule of places to be cleaned in your house. Also, make a rough guess of how long this may take. You need to give ample time to the cleaning service to finish the job comprehensively. Now, empty the house. In fact, it is a good idea to move out before cleaning starts. This helps the services with a thorough cleaning. Complete packing your household material before engaging the cleaning services. You may also shift the packages to your new place before cleaning the place.

  • Secure the bond money

As a tenant, you have some rights. However, shortcomings on your part can result in the confiscation of your bond money. So, make sure that 

  • There is no damage to the house
  • There are no rent arrears 
  • There is no lack of cleaning 

If you think it is not possible for you to ensure everything, hire one of the professional cleaner’s gold coast servicesThey can make it easy for you. 


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