Couch cleaning

A neat couch is a personification of your personality and lifestyle. It needs to be elegant and impressive so that visitors appreciate your lifestyle. It also needs to be comfortable and hygienic so that visitors enjoy sitting on it. So, maintaining the hygiene aspect of the couch in your living room is as important as having an elegantly furnished living room. Both tidiness and cleanliness are important. However, maintaining the hygiene aspect of your couch is difficult without a professional cleaning service. DIY efforts and conventional couch cleaning processes may fall short of requirement mostly because of the grouts and intricate designs of couches. Such cleaning measures can leave unsightly and unhygienic residue.

About Us

We are a leading professional cleaning service provider in Sunshine Coast. We are a team of technicians, cleaners, and supervisors, who take care to make every corner of your household free from dirt, dust, and germs. We have a vast experience in cleaning between ourselves. Our cleaners have the skill to identify the most suitable techniques for removing the most obstinate stain on your couch. We know that couch cleaning is all about experience, skill in using various equipment and application of proper techniques. We also have all the latest equipment for a safe, hygienic and reliable cleaning. For a perfect cleaning service for your living room including your couch you can turn to us.

Why Us

Cleaning the couch is a complex and comprehensive job. You need to clean the body including the nooks and upholstery. It is the nooks and upholstery of the sofa that contains the maximum amount of dirt and dust. You need a skilled professional cleaner and modern equipment to clean the couch timely and effectively. 

  • Eco friendly cleaning with approved chemicals  

We use eco-friendly cleaning techniques and approved chemicals to clean couches. The use of such safe chemicals and modern techniques makes sure that you have a clean, tidy and hygienic couch without any cleaning residue left. 

  • Different cleaning techniques for different furniture 

We use different cleaning techniques based on the size of the couch and quality of the upholstery to ensure the best cleaning. 

  • Deodorization 

While cleaning your couch we make sure that the piece of furniture does not have any unpleasant odor. All the equipment and processes we employ make sure that there is no residue or odor in the couch. We make sure that the couch smells like new after cleaning. 

  • Car seat and leather couch cleaning  

If you need to clean a leather couch or the car seat, we can do the job perfectly. There are specific techniques for cleaning such surfaces. Proper cleaning can bring back the pristine smell of leather. We use specific leather couch cleaning techniques to clean hard spots and obstinate stains on the couch. Usually, safe wet cleaning and hot water extraction are the most suitable cleaning methods for cleaning of leather couches.

  • Pet stain and odor removal 

Pet stains make obstinate spots that are hard to remove. These spots need to be cleaned properly so that there is no residue of the cleaning agent left after cleaning. We use steam to clean the couch. It penetrates the pores of couches and brings out dust and stain particles. This process is effective against every kind of stain. Moreover, it does not leave any residue or odor. 

  • Anti-allergen tests 

We conduct anti-allergen tests after the cleaning process is over. This is to make sure that there is no allergen residue left in the couch. The anti-allergen test is an integral part of hygienic cleaning for family members as well as pets. 

  • Complex grout cleaning 

If there are complex grouts on the couch in your living room, they almost certainly contain long-settled dust particles. These are obstinate accumulations of dirt and dust that are difficult to reach and hard to remove by traditional methods. However, our professional couch cleaning services can easily dislodge such dust accumulations from grouts in the couch.  

  • Cost-effective couch cleaning 

Couch or house cleaning is not a one-time activity. It has to be done regularly to keep your living room hygienic and tidy. This is why we have kept our rates as low as possible. We offer cost-effective cleaning.

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