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Bring home the best couch cleaning service at an affordable price. Professional cleaning treatment is always a better option to clean your upholstery at one go. If you are looking for the best couch cleaning Sunshine Coast solution, then you are in the right place. We believe in customer satisfaction and efficient service. Book your appointment at your convenient time and leave the rest for us. All our professional clean masters are equipped with modern tools and products and deliver the best quality service.


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Ozclean is a reliable brand of professional cleaning services. With hundreds of professional cleaners, we cater to quality service to meet the requirements of our customers. We know all couches are not the same. To maintain the texture of the fabric, we use a specific chemical solution. We know the right method to treat your fabric with delicate hands. Our Couch cleaning Sunshine Coast services center around the following services:


All our couch cleaning Sunshine Coast services are cost-effective and customer-friendly. We take the initiative to focus on customer choice and satisfaction. Our expert professionals use advanced tools to provide a quick solution. Moreover, all our chemical solutions are bio-degradable and harmless for your family members. We assure you to take care of the fabric texture and give a 100% guarantee on our services.

Our customer service teams are always eager to assist our customers with home remedies and professional services. We do not charge a surplus amount for booking cancellation; we value your time and take services at your convenience. Once you book an appointment with Ozclean, you can leave the rest for us.

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Steps in cleaning

We offer both dry and steam cleaning process. Oils and other materials sometimes spill on the fabric resulting in stubborn stains. These stains sometimes come back after steam cleaning if the excess substance sticks on the fabric. We use effective dry cleaning solution through hot water extraction to remove all dirt and stains. Our cleaning process involves the following steps:

1 . Consultation

After consulting with our expert professionals, they assist you in taking up the right service (Steam or Dry).

2 . Vacuuming

At this step, clean masters vacuum the upholstery to remove the dirt. This step prevents forming muddy texture while applying a water solution.

3 .Stain treatment

With an effective dry cleaning solution, we remove all stains. This is the initial step to remove stubborn stains.

4 . Sanitization

We sanitize the couch with biodegradable chemical solutions.

5 . Hot water extraction

This stage involves rinsing the couch with hot water. With solid machine cleaners, first, pressurize the water and extract it out. This stage removes all contaminants, dirt and washes away the stains.

6 . Inspection

We confirm that our customers are satisfied with the cleaning process. If they report any issue, we guarantee to resolve everything within a week.

Worried about your dirty couches? Ozclean is here to help!

Wer bring you innovative and affordable couch cleaning solutions with rounch the clock customer service.

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There is a huge difference between the cleaning process of carpet and upholstery. Upholstery cleaning is a gentle cleaning process that needs special treatment. Excess water can damage the quality of upholstery fabric, causing bacteria and unpleasant odors.
Ozclean always uses green, non-toxic, and eco-friendly chemicals that are absolutely harmless for your family and child and pets. Our biodegradable solution that is best for the fabric.
The full cleaning process of three piece suite takes 2-3 hours depending on the numbers of loose cushion and soiling. It usually takes 5 to 24 hours to dry up. However, the time may vary as per the fabric quality and depth of stains.
Do not commit the mistake of initiating the cleaning process on your own. Our professional cleaners can take care of all cleaning responsibilities.
You must have a professional deep cleaning session once a year.
Not at all. Covers are needed to be cleaned also. Leave the covers at its place.
Depending on fiber type and severity, we offer urine odor treatment. Be specific about odor treatment service while booking the appointment.
We provide both wet and steam cleaning process. However, for removing stubborn stain cleaning, steam cleaning is recommended.
Book your appointment at your convenience. If you want to reschedule the appointment, you can contact us directly.
Importance of couch cleaning 
The couch in your dining space is like a family member that needs proper maintenance every week, if not regularly. Professional deep cleaning can remove all the dirt, soil, unwanted stains, and odors, making the couch healthy for your family.
Better Air Quality 
Each time you move around your upholstered furniture, you are unknowingly releasing dust, grime, mold spores, and bacteria. Complete removals of allergens and dust give you fresh air to breathe and lead to a healthy environment.
Better Health condition 
The deposition of the dart, over the years, make the upholstery unhygienic. Keeping your upholstery clean reduce the tendency of allergic illness dramatically.
Appearance matters 
Apart from all health-related issues, a clean upholstery complements your living room. Stains on your couches spoil the appearance of your room. A professional cleaning service comes here as a rescue.
With time the accumulated dust can result in a faded and thinning texture of the fabric. Regular cleaning removes all the dust and improves the durability of your furniture.
Odor Treatment 
Unpleasant smell from your favorite couch can spoil your precious movie night. It also damages the healthy environment of your living room. Cooking odors from the kitchen and if heavy substance spell on your couch can sustain a strong smell. With a professional odor treatment solution, you can get rid of the unwanted smells.
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