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Ozclean is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to carpet and rug cleaning. The Carpets in your homes are often home to a variety of germs, molds, and even termites, which may lead to many respiratory health issues. Our team of trained professionals can help you get rid of those unwanted guests from your carpets at a reasonable price. After our team is done with your carpets, they will look brand new, providing a positive and healthy environment for your home.

Rug and Carpet cleaning service in Sunshine Coast


Tips and Tricks to Make Your Carpet Super-Clean

Importance of Rug & Carpet cleaning

The whole family, especially our beloved kids and pets will interact with carpets in our homes on a daily basis. Humans and animals shed a lot of dead cells these cells accumulate over time and become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. So, if the carpets are not maintained well, they may become a war zone full of germs, dust, and pests of all kinds. This might lead to allergies or some serious breathing issues.

Dirt and oils will accumulate on your carpet over time. This will lead to sticky and dirty-looking carpets. Dirty carpets will also give off foul odors, which would make a bad impression on anyone visiting you. We can avoid any such awkward situations by regularly cleaning the rugs and carpets. 

Rugs and carpets are costly decorations that are designed to last a long time. If they are not given the proper care they require, the rugs and carpets might get worn out. Making you spend a lot of money to replace them. If proper maintenance is given they may last you a lifetime. 

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Our Cleaning Process

Our Carpet Cleaning Methods

We primarily provide two types of cleaning services: steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

Steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction cleaning is a deep cleaning process that ensures the removal of dirt and spots of all kinds. Steam cleaning also preserves the longevity of your rugs & carpets. Hot water along with our cleaning solution dislodges any kind of dirt and grime that might have accumulated in the carpet. Once the carpet is dried it will be free of any dirt or stains.

Dry cleaning is a process that uses very little moisture combined with a chemical cleaning solution leaving the carpet dry and fresh with an aromatic smell. The carpet is pre-conditioned with our own eco-friendly solution which removes all kinds of dirt, grease, and oil. The carpet is then vacuumed, to get rid of all the dust and stains.

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Benefits of Ozclean Rug & Carpet Cleaning Services

Rugs & Carpets set the tone of the room, So keeping a clean and neat carpet is necessary to maintain the decor of the room. To ensure a healthier and productive environment whether it is at the home or the office, you need to have proper maintenance done. We suggest cleaning your carpets at least every six months. We offer our services for both office spaces and homes both as one-time cleaning sessions and also on a contractual basis so that you don’t ever have to worry about having dirty rugs or carpets. Our custom plans have more affordable rates than our one-time cleaning sessions.

Efficient carpet cleaning services in Sunshine Coast

Frequently asked questions

It usually depends on the area that needs to be cleaned. We can provide you with a completely free quote so that you can get a detailed list of all the charges. You can also ask for our customized plans that are always cheaper than one-time cleaning sessions.

You are always welcome to watch, but there is no necessity that you need to be present while our technicians clean your home. Our skilled technicians are completely capable of handling any situation. 

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