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Importance of BBQ cleaning

Cleaning is a part of cooking. It is extremely essential to clean the barbeque grill religiously if not regularly. The hefty amount of sauce and oil get deposited on the grill, which can spread disease. Taking contaminated food is highly dangerous for your health. We admit that your home kitchen space is reasonably clean; however, certain areas need extra attention. Maintaining proper hygiene of your kitchen tools is not a choice. As far as your health is concerned, you must be aware of the condition of the grill you are using.  By keeping your griller clean, you are secure from any food-borne illness. Moreover, it can also affect the authentic flavour of your food. A clean griller has proven to serve solid flavour combination without any hint of previous cooking. The lingering substance can invoke bacteria resulting in food contamination. 

Another significant thing in terms of cooking is, a dirty grill never gives you satisfactory grill marks. If you notice undercooked meat or lack of flavouring that might be a reason for a dirty grill. Apart from these mere pitfalls, dirty grillers are not at all good for your health. This is why the top-most step of grill cleaning is preheating to get away with the bacteria. Cleaning your grill properly involves adequate tools. Having one grill brush is vital when you a griller. However, it makes a lot of difference in using professional cleaning tools. Last but not least, cleaning your griller should be a priority just like your cooking.


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We cover every nook and corner of your property giving you a spotless space in the promised time.

How does Ozclean do the BBQ service? 

Get a ready-made solution with a mobile service with Ozclean. We are located at Gold coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Book your appointment at just one click and avail end to end services regarding BBQ. It’s as simple as it seems. Our dedicated professionals guide to take advantage of our services and guarantee period. 


As per your preference, recommendation, family or business type, we suggest the right material for you. Moreover, you can avail all sorts of services ranges from clearance, maintenance, tools installation, repair etc. You can follow up our customer service team to get customized and budget-friendly deal. Just like other equipment, BBQ griller too needs proper maintenance and operation process. We manage everything for you, which involve burners, hot plate, grill, rock trays, knobs, hose, regulators and manifolds. Through our pressure and leak test, we secure the equipment. Thus, if you are looking for a new setup or finding a way to repair or clean the BBQ, contact us. We promise to guide you to take up necessary services within your budget. 

Call us @ 0400 121 121 and get a tailored quote for end of lease cleaning in Brisbane.

We Provide the Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning And Disinfection!

Advantages of professional BBQ cleaning

Remains of old food particles cause the accumulation of carcinogenic components on the grill. For both domestic and commercial it is necessary to avoid cooking on and clean grills that have got a layer of harmful toxic compounds on it. Properly cleaned grill helps in preventing diseases and makes the experience much safer and healthier.

Most homeowners and commercial eateries are found to be making use of high and drilling equipment and outdoor kitchens and in most cases, they don’t prefer to replace these often. Over time understood the advantages of using grill cleaner services to keep their equipment running for long.

  • By keeping the grill free from all the grease, the customer greatly reduces the chances of the grill fire.
  • Just as many other domestic cleaning activities of clans simply do not prefer to clean the grills by themselves, do not mind paying professional cleaning service for BBQ cleaning in Gold Coast.

Our motto is offering customers convenient and effective bbq steam cleaner to allow homeowners a hygienic and hassle-free BBQ season. If BBQ grills are not cleaned for a long time it can pose serious health risks to the user. We provide best-in-class BBQ cleaning services to make your next grilling session enjoyable and healthy.


About Our Team

BQ cleaning gold coast are one of the leading BBQ cleaning services in the market. Our team of experienced cleaners makes use of advanced tools and techniques for cleaning barbeques. Our services include complete decreasing drip pans, BBQ hood, control your boobs, and pull out tray, rotisserie racks. We also provide deep cleaning of heat plate, grill racks, and favorite bars. If you are willing to you spend a little bit extra dinner complete inspection of the Igniter, Venturi plates, pressure regulator, banner, thermometer, and rotisserie rack is also done by our team.

BBQ Cleaning Services Sunshinecoast

BBQ Repairs

We provide end to end service for barbeque repairing. With advanced tool setups to makeover, we deliver customized service at just one click. We possess a strong collection of BBQ spare parts which includes ignitions, iron burner, steel burner, rock trays, ceramic tiles, BBQ griller with hot plates, control knobs, bbq fascia, gas cocks etc. You can also avail the installation of new accessories to repairing your tools at a reasonable price. 

New installation of sophisticated tools comes up with a warranty. The best part is our professional engineers are proficient at working with all sorts of model and brands. Apart from a new installation, we guarantee to repair your existing tools and mechanism. Book your appointment today! 

BBQ Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your barbeque griller will help you in the long run. The major problems arise when you neglect to maintain it religiously. Every kitchen tools need to be taken care of for better longevity. Especially, clearance and maintenance are highly essential for grillers. It is because you place the food directly on the grillers. 

  • Besides, clearance, you must ensure regulated maintenance. It will help you from investing a bulk in replacing costly components. Follow the pro tips:
  • Routinely check for propane leaks. 
  • Keep your grill covered. Most of the brands have their own covers protect the grills using the cover. 

BBQ Installation

Get your first installation with best professional guidance. When it comes to the new installation, it is always to build a strong foundation with expertise servicing. With Ozclean, install your new barbeque griller and secure proper service for the rest. 

Through our long years of professional journey, we understand the hurdles and issues and provide an expert solution. 


You can also take the right guidance from our professional team, which BBQ can serve you better for your family. Choose the right company to get a life-long solution. Once you dial us, we take the sole responsibility to get your job done. So if you are planning to have a gaga night-party with luscious barbeque meet, plan your party and rest leave for us.  

End-to-End Bond Cleaning Solutions Within Your Budget!

We cover every nook and cranny of your property to provide you with a spotless space in the promised time.

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