Bad Habits That are Doing a Disservice to You and Your Home

We tend to acquire had habits as frequently as we have food in a day. People generally cannot help but continue with it because of indolence or no time for self. Interestingly, most of us are not at all aware of the habits we develop. It is either our subconscious action or lack of attention. However, it is never too late to recognize your bad habit and get rid of it. It is high time that you take control of the bad habit and live a better and healthier life.

Leave your home unclean

Take a pause! Now try to recall when did you last take the initiative to clean up your room? If you fail to recollect the previous cleaning operation, let me tell you that you live an utterly unhealthy life. Six out of ten people have developed this habit. In order to live a more healthy life, one must clean up their house thrice in a week if not regular! It is essential to maintain a level of cleanliness for every room. One prioritizes an hour from the daily schedule, or hire a professional service for routine cleaning.

Wasting Water

We must take this matter seriously as a global citizen. Try not to put your dishwasher on for a couple of dishes, or switch on the laundry machine for smaller loads. Next time, develop a habit of using your hand to clean a few plates or cloths. Try to utilize every single rack of the dishwashing machine for preserving water.

Not making your bed

Try not to compromise with the complete hygiene of your bed. It is not at all a heavy-weight task to accomplish. Rather it is the most jiffy yet ignored chore of your daily routine. Researches (AAD) have found that humans shed between 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells every day. Unwashed sheets are nothing but traps of millions of dust mites. Feeding off your dead skin cells and sweat is potentially contributing to asthma and allergy in the near future.

Step in with Dirty Shoes

The floor of your house is already filled with enough bacteria and dirt, even if you clean regularly. When you walk in with your shoes on, you allow more germs and harmful bacteria to lodge on the floor. It is simple to keep a shelve for your shoes by the front of the door. Try to use another pair inside your home.


We all have certain storage space or particular furniture where e keep piling on the things we never use. Those items remain untouched for years, and sometimes we do not know what we possess. Take out some time to check those cabinets, drawers, under-bed storage, and pick the items you can reuse, and donate or discard the rest.

Let’s face it; no matter how organized we are, we all have some bad habits. Instead of feeling awkward about those, put your foot down to embrace healthy habits for a better living condition and a better future!



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