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Window cleaning is often considered to be underrated. However, they are an essential component of your building which offers an inviting look to your guests and requires adequate cleaning to allow the light into the core of the house. You can add appeal to your house with sparkling clean windows and choose our service to help you create a space where you can live, work, and relax in peace.

Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning Brisbane

The well-equipped and high qualified technicians of Ozclean ensure you quality residential & commercial window cleaning services. We aim at applying effective techniques to remove the stain and clean off the dust without any streak to give it a completely fresh and new look.
The dedicated team of our workers has the caliber to deliver neatness by cleaning every dust particle or stain from the window frame or window pane. The cleaners are also provided with effective equipment such as Karcher window cleaner to remove the stubborn stains while most other companies prefer to stick to the regular conventional way.

No fame comes without work

We make 100% assurance that you don’t suffer for quality and efficient
1. Quality: We only appoint professional window cleaners who are best at their profile and have the ability to make the best use of the given opportunity. The team strives hard to make use of the top quality gear/commercial grade equipment for the purpose of residential/commercial window cleaning. We assure you the perfect
finish regardless of the type of window cleaning you choose.
2. Service: We understand the power of honesty and so, we prefer to prioritize the trust you invest in us. We conduct a strict screening before hiring the staff members and get them verified by police safety checks to complement our loyalty in your business premises or personal space. We stick to select only the trained  professionals who commit to dedicating the best service for all your cleaning needs.

No more undervalued efforts

We don’t allow someone to stand a chance of undervaluing our work. We make it as easy and affordable as possible to clean your windows professionally so that you get the view that your eyes deserve. Our service is way ahead of times that is seldom seen in this age and date. You can experience prompt, courteous, and professional service with our gesture at a much reasonable rate. We ensure you to enjoy the great delight after our job is done and you get to see the windows so clean and clear as a crystal that you will even forget that they are there.

Why choose our service?
We keep it simple, convenient and trusted. At the same time, our house cleaners also invest their efforts at a scale that takes as much as to make it look good and fresh as new. Take a look below to see what you get with our services:
  • A well-trained and qualified cleaning team.
  • All essential tools, cleaning products, and supplies (Mops, vacuum, etc.)
  • Unlimited and satisfactory customer service available via chat, phone, or e-mail.
  • A complete package of happiness guaranteed.
There is no reason to answer why you should not choose Brisbane. We are known for extended hospitality that has served and connected around various resorts, hotels, and residential areas. With us, there is no question of hidden surprises or upsells as you already know what you are paying for. In addition to this, we provide tailored services to enable our customers to fit into the package as per their requirements.
Our Working Process:
  • Preparation of a powerful cleaning solution: We empower our staff to use a powerful cleaning solution that is prepared under our supervision and not purchased from the markets. We also offer a high rise window cleaning service for tall buildings and promote the use of such chemical products that do zero damage to your windows. We ensure the quality of our prepared cleaning solution that is capable to wash off all kinds of stains and dirt completely.
  • Employ a suitable technique: With great working experience, we have learned that the needs of different clients differ by perspective. For this very reason, we design/customize the cleaning technique as per their requirements or demands. We apply different provisions of cleaning whether it is to wash the windows or scrub them with a soft scrubber to avoid any scratch.
  • Window cleaning from both outside and inside: We understand that window cleaning is not just meant for a mere show. So, we take our work seriously and believe the necessity of cleaning the windows both from outside and inside.Most of the other service providers tend to charge extra for another side cleaning of the window. But our package of both-side clean-up is inclusive in our service and thus, results in a fresh and attractive looking window with no sign of dirt on it.
  • Replacing the worn-out parts: In case your windows were installed long back, it is likely to observe that the metallic parts and its hinges might have worn-out. We take it as a responsibility to replace those parts with new ones and make it look perfect like before. There is no reason for you to worry about arranging a fresh piece in case replacement is needed because whenever our technicians/workers are out for residential or commercial window cleaning, they carry some extra metallic parts with them. Our recent projects You can refer to client testimonial and judge our efficiency, courtesy, and performance according to the ratings that we have received. You can also follow our page on social media to take a look at our recent projects and upgraded cleaning solutions. Check out our reviews, they might help you.
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