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Lawns reflect class look and standard to your property. They simply make your place look aesthetically pleasing. But this same thing of beauty can be a stress factor if you fail to maintain them, letting them grow wild. Lawns need to be altered on a routine basis to make sure they stay fresh, clean, and appealing. Ozclean delivers quality guaranteed Lawn Mowing Service in Brisbane to assure the perfect state for your lawn. We carry out mowing on a regular basis to a one-off mowing service.


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Our team is always focused and committed to the job we are entrusted with and the work we deliver. Our employees make no adjustments to our service quality and we aim to attain 100% customer satisfaction. Our aim is to make your lawns appealing and pleasing to the eyes.

We systematically calculate quotations making it budget-friendly. To the elite-class services we provide, you may feel that the services might cost you additional costs. But no, Ozclean always sticks to the quotations we provide.

To ensure that you get to avail of our services whenever you wish, Ozclean maintains a 24-hour functional customer assistance center all seven days a week. This enables you to avail of our services as well as assistance whenever you require.

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Maintaining the aesthetic beauty of commercial buildings is a priority when it comes to creating long-lasting impressions on clients. A well-kept workplace will also attract employees motivating them to appear for work efficiently. Ozclean will help you in making your commercial buildings appealing. 

Mulch Mowing

Mulch mowing is a process in which the chipped grass, once it are finely clipped left on the ground. This is left intentionally so that the soil gets to absorb the nutrients that are present in the chipped-off grass. During summers, this process helps to prevent water loss from within the soil. 

Bond Clean Mowing

End-of-the-lease contracts at times will have clauses stating that your lawns require to be mowed before the date of inspection. Some bond cleaning service providers might not meet this requirement and you will have to hire them separately. Ozclean will ensure that your lawns are in perfect shape before the inspection.

Acreage Mowing

Ozcleans expert cleaners use cutting-edge technology tools to mow large areas productively. We make no adjustments when it comes to resorting to the best available equipment for your service. We ensure that the grass is chopped in the right precision.

Catcher Mowing

Mowing can turn out to be a messy process once completed. This is because the grass clippings lie around places that are quite difficult to be cleaned up. We got that covered too. A catcher effectively collects all these grass clippings that can be disposed of and taken care of separately.

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Frequently asked questions

The total cost for getting your yard mowed will depend on the area that needs to be covered and the current condition of your yard. You can get to know what our services will cost if you try filling up our FREE QUOTE contact form. Once you reach out to Ozclean through the form, our customer executives will assist you and provide you with free quotations. We also provide FREE INSPECTION to get you more insights into the condition of your yard.

Ozclean recommends you let the grass grow taller during hot weather conditions and the summer season. We usually avoid the process of mowing when it’s extremely hot. This is because during hot weather your lawns would get stressed losing their ability to recover from the mowing procedure. This can even cause damages to your lawn grass. You can cut your grass shorter once it rain or post irrigation. 

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