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Pool Cleaning Brisbane

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Efficient pool cleaning

Our team is very particular in attaining the desirable standards of cleaning and we make no adjustments with that. We only hire trained professionals and have years of experience in cleaning pools in Brisbane. To ensure that we resort to the best tools and machines available to achieve this. We remove the debris, pressure clean the tiles, and ensure the water is clean and safe. Your pool will look clean, fresh along with all pool equipment functioning smoothly and perfectly.

Budget-friendly Services

Providing only the best quality services for our customers is not just our duty but also our most valued priority. Alongside providing you the best services, we also see to charge you nothing but fair charges. We make sure to give you proper quotes and you will not have to face any hidden charges or additional clearance with team Ozclean. We ensure that quality pool cleaning services are available all across Brisbane at affordable rates.

Complete assistance for Services

Services are effective and perfect when they are performed and executed at the right time. We take utmost commitment to be available in order to serve you the services you look up to. Our assistance, as well as our services, can be availed by reaching out to our customer assistance centers. We work for 24 hours throughout the week even during the weekends.


  • Analyze and come up with solutions to fix your pool
  • Regular and Casual Pool Cleaning Services
  • Energy Efficient Pool Pumps
  • Comprehensive cleaning and Vanishing stains
  • Checking functionalities of pool equipment
  • Pool water is checked for ph balance
  • Quality of water is checked
  • Chemical balance is regulated


The specialty of Ozclean is that we always look forward to seeing that smile of satisfaction and content in every customer and thus we make customized plans for them. This enables us to deliver what exactly our clients wish for. The customized
package could be such as:

  • Spa Pool cleaning
  • One-time pool cleaning
  • Green Pool Clean-up
  • Holiday Pool Clean-up
  • Repair of pool pumps
  • Replacing damaged pumps
  • Guiding New Pool Owners
  • House Pool Clean-up
  • Commercial Pool Clean-up


Maintaining good health and hygiene for your swimming pool is a herculean task at times. This is because they require proper tools, had to be checked on a regular basis, expertise knowledge, and most importantly, time. Pool cleaning and maintenance
is a task that requires a lot of your time which you may not find at times. Getting yourself the equipment required and servicing them regularly too is quite time-consuming. Professional cleaners are experienced with cleaning different
types of pools and can choose the right way to clean your pool. By hiring a professional, you can save the time and cost of buying expensive equipment and solutions to keep the pool clean.

This is why it is recommended that one avail of professional assistance and service when it comes to pool cleaning and pool renovation services. The swimming pool can contain a lot of bacterias, germs, and even contaminated water that makes
the pool unfit to use. Having such an unhealthy swimming pool will also invite in a number of diseases. Be it regularly scheduled cleaning, monthly cleaning, and casual cleaning, Ozclean’s got them all.

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Our Services

Hire the Best Swimming Pool Cleaning Services in Brisbane

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  • Professional Pool Cleaning Services includes multiple procedures. The surface of the pool is vacuumed and the debris gets skimmed, walls and steps of the pool are scrubbed, washed, skimmer baskets are emptied and functionalities of filters are checked. Professional cleaners also ensure that the pool water is of balanced pH and chemical component.

    The cost of pool cleaning will depend on the area of the pool and the requirements to get them cleaned. You can get an exact idea of how much our services will cost you by filling up the FREE QUOTE contact form from our official website. Once you submit your form, our team of executives will contact you and discuss the requirements for your pool cleaning. You will then receive free quotations for the services.