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Garden Cleaning Brisbane

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  • Perfect Cleaning

Our expert garden and yard cleaners make no compromise in attaining 100% assured cleanliness. We put our maximum efforts and commitment to deliver our customers’ utmost satisfaction. Apart from making sure your garden is in the best appeal, we also check if functional structures are in perfect condition.

  • Pocket-Friendly Cost

Our services are of elite class standards, but our team assures that they will perfectly fit your budget. Our focus is to make our services accessible to a majority of people in Brisbane. We make sure that you do not get charged any additional or hidden costs even for weekend day services.

  • Assured Assistance

Our assistance and services will reach you without any hurdles or limitations. Ozclean’s expert cleaners and its reliable customer service executives work all seven days a week for 24 hours. You can avail of our assistance as well as book your slots for any time of the day without having to wait.


  • Controlling the growth of unwanted plants and weeds that restricts and affects the healthy growth of your garden plants
  • Helps in eliminating and getting rid of plant diseases from spreading from one another.
  • Keeping your gardens, yards, and the area corresponding to them in good condition and cleaned properly.
  • Maintains trimmed, aligned structure and growth of plants with aesthetic standards.
  • Makes your garden a safe place for kids and pets for recreational purposes.
  • Expert garden cleaners ensure to give a professional look to your garden and yard
  • Entrusting the work with professionals guarantees good results and helps you save valuable time.


Rubbish Removal

  • Debris and other compound wastes will be collectively removed from your garden premises.
  • Safe and systematic cleaning of biodegradable as well as non-biodegradable.
  • Proper segregation of waste for disposals.

Green Waste Removal

  • Systematic cleaning and management of biodegradable waste from your garden and yards.
  • All sorts of biodegradable things like branches and stems, leaves, fallen flowers, and fruits, etc.
  • We collect them properly making sure they will be in recyclable form.

Yard Cleanups

  • Tree branches or plants that grow densely extending to your yard will be properly trimmed and kept in good shape.
  • Will ensure that functional structures in your yard are in good conditioned and not harmed by any of these extended growths.
  • Makes your backyard free from all kinds of weeds and dead fronds.


  • An inspection procedure will be performed prior to the cleaning process to analyze your garden area and deliver the right treatment.
  • Lawn Mowing procedure is performed to ensure proper precision and a standard look to your lawns.
  • Weeds and unwanted plants and shrubs are systematically recognized and removed to ensure the good health of garden plants.
  • Leaf-blowing and pruning services performed to maintain a good state of garden plants.
  • Welching helps in controlling and regulating weed occurrences.
  • In order to guarantee safe and secure garden space, a hedge trimming procedure is performed.

Delivering assured and guaranteed Yard clean-up services in Brisbane

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Our Services

Garden Cleaning Service in Brisbane at reasonable costs

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  • Garden Cleaning service charges are determined based on the scale of the area that needs to be cleaned and the state of your present garden. You can get an idea of what our services will cost you if you can fill up our contact form – FREE QUOTE available on Ozclean’s website.

    It usually takes us around two to three hours to complete a garden clean-up session. This will vary according to the area that requires to be cleaned and the issues that need to be fixed in your garden.