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Are you looking for bond cleaning services for your property? Maybe you are a tenant moving out or an owner planning to rent or sell your property. Clients often have different reasons to get support from professional cleaners. Anyway, if bond cleaning Brisbane is what you are looking for, you are at the right place.

Hiring a bond cleaning professional saves you a lot of money and time. This way, you won’t end up investing in tools and chemicals but save that sum. Also, bond cleaning service in Brisbane saves time you should be spending packing your belongings. Asking for professional help ensures that you are keeping your bond money intact while moving out of a property, or, as a property owner, dodge any complaint about the tidiness of your property from potential tenants/buyers as well.

Given that, you are free to use the DIY guides to buy equipment and do the heavy work yourself. However, we strongly recommend that you get professional help from an end of lease cleaning Brisbane. Without guidance, you might end up using the wrong techniques and completely lose your bond money.

Now you know that you cannot avoid hiring professional cleaning services for bond cleaning. Signing up with amateurs may cost you less but adversely affect your bond money. And it is not worth risking. So, do not hesitate. Find an expert bond cleaner in Brisbane and hire them to clean your property the right way, without a second thought.

Ozclean is one of the top emerging exit cleaning Brisbane services. Our team of cleaning experts and state-of-the-art equipment makes us a top competitor in the industry. We are backed by a 100% satisfied clientele and ensure the same level of service to our new customers as well. And that too under your budget.



A Clean Bill of Health

From cleaning under your carpets to the rooftops, we ensure you a squeaky clean property.

Cuts the Corners

Searching for premium bond cleaning and yet hesitant about the budget? We deliver the best quality for the best price.

Best-In-Class Services

With experienced personnel and the best equipment, Ozclean offers the best bond cleaning service in Brisbane.

End-to-End Bond Cleaning Solutions Within Your Budget!

We cover every nook and corner of your property giving you a spotless space in the promised time.

The Best Professional Bond Cleaning in Brisbane

Ozclean packs Brisbane’s best cleaning experts to deliver superior service to our customers. Gathering expertise over all these years, we have emerged as a top-class bond cleaning Brisbane service provider. We use the best tried and tested cleaning methods and the newest technologies to make your life a little better. Also, our personnel line-up is trained and certified to use all the available means to safeguard your bond money. We put our customers first to deliver the best service within your budget, making us one of the cheap bond cleaning Brisbane companies.

Our Services

House Cleaning

Are you worried about a potential pest infestation at your house? Our experts can help you out in finding the cause and exterminate them ASAP. We assure you of a safe living environment for you and your loved ones.

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are the brooding place of dirt, pet hair, and other debris. Cleaning your carpets separates you and your loved ones from allergies and diseases. Let us ensure you a safe home with the best price.

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Office Cleaning

A healthy environment is pivotal to improve productivity. If you have a batch of scratching and sneezing employees, it's time you get help from the experts. Ozclean office cleaning will bring the healthiest setting.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery comes in contact with our skin daily. They give us that cozy feeling in our homes. Our experts can ensure that your upholstery cleaning is done the right way and stays healthy for a long time.

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Bond Cleaning

Bond money is a sum that no one wishes to risk. If you are concerned about losing your bond money over hygiene, we can help you with that. Our bond cleaning services guarantee 100% satisfaction for you and your landlord.

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Mattress Cleaning

Having a good night's sleep is essential. If you are not getting yours, the chances are that the mattresses are the reason. Call in our professional cleaning services to disinfect and clean your mattresses.

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100% Bond Back Guarantee

We deliver a spotless bond cleaning service in Brisbane that'll get you a 100% of bond money return.

How Do We Stay at the Top of the League?

Ozclean’s reputation is built upon our elite level personnel. Our experience, combined with their expertise, delivers the best quality service for whatever you demand. And this is how we stay as the best bond cleaning Brisbane service providers. Being a local business, we have active cleaners, who are insured and police-verified, to serve you anywhere in Brisbane. And thus, you get maximum benefits from the best end of lease cleaning in Brisbane.

Our top-notch techniques and tech ensure that your bond money is safe with you. Or, if you are a property owner going for a tidying up before the interested party comes in, we got you covered. Ozclean will use soft and hard chemicals, as demanded by the situation. However, we always practice eco-friendly cleaning methodologies so that we don’t cause harm to the environment. As the best bond cleaners in Brisbane, we deliver our services 24×7. Be it a Friday evening or a Monday morning – we will make sure that your bond money stays intact. Our clientele is the best example of how good we are at our job. We provide 100% client satisfaction by delivering the best exit cleaning Brisbane services.

Police-Verified Employees

We are concerned about your bond and your safety. So, we hire only police-verified insured personnel.

24*7 Customer Support

Did your landlord show up and puzzled you about the bond money? You can reach us for any query 24x7.

Easy Booking Process

Anxious about the booking process? Believe us; it's a cakewalk for you to book bond cleaning with us

Call us @ 0400 121 121 and get a tailored quote for end of lease cleaning in Brisbane.

The Best Eco-Friendly Bond Cleaning Service in Brisbane

How to Book Our Services

Ozclean is a top player among the bond cleaning Brisbane services. We bring impressive prices without damaging the quality of service. To book a service, we have designed a simple yet, elegant process for you. All you have to do is to fill up a form and submit it, and the rest, we will reach out to you.

Complete the form

Sign up for a service by submitting a completed form. If you get stuck, do connect with us.

Wait for Confirmation

We will reach back for confirmation after you submit the form. Feel free to add more details.

See You Soon

Please wait for the scheduled date, and we will be at your doorstep at the scheduled time.


Bond Cleaning Brisbane Checklist

Bond Cleaning Brisbane General services

Kitchen space

Bathroom area

Garage service

Patio area in Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Bond Cleaning Brisbane Laundry service

Furnishing service

Our team is liable for any damage during the cleaning process. 

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What additional service do we offer in Bond Cleaning Brisbane Services?

The additional services are listed as separately and you will get separate quote for it. These extra services that you would like to purchase has to be mentioned upfront. 

Bond Cleaning Brisbane

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We know what real estate agents want, and we have proven expertise in delivering what they want.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Ask Question

Take a look at the frequently asked questions about our Bond Cleaning Brisbane service.

There is no fixed period for bond cleaning. However, it usually takes 4 hours to complete a job on average. To get a better understanding of your need, please contact us, and get a free quote.

Please inform us about the appointment date on the final day of inspection. Also, please educate us on the terms of your agreement. This way, we can continue without any confusion. Besides, we also offer a 7-day guaranteed service. If you have any concerns after the inspection, we can resolve them nice and easy.

The number of cleaners allotted for a property depends on its size. However, a team usually has 3-4 professional cleaners.

Yes, we do. We deliver our cleaning services 24×7 for maximum client satisfaction. Also, we do not charge any additional amount for cleaning on holidays.

We do not charge our customers on an hourly basis. We will sketch a plan for your needs, and then commit a time. That is, we will complete the bond cleaning within the scheduled time.

No, but it is up to you. You can arrange to keep the door open for us, or you can give us the key. If you want to roam around while we clean your property, you are welcome. However, we suggest that you spend this time with your loved ones.

We require abundant water, electric supply, and a parking space. The powerful electric machinery we use needs abundant water and a constant power supply. Also, it would be great if you can find us a parking space to load and unload our heavy equipment.

You can avail of steam-cleaning services by opting for a deep cleaning stain removing service with our domestic and commercial bond cleaning packages at a discounted price.

Yes, you can sign up for a fridge cleaning service with little additional cost. We recommend that you defrost the fridge 4 hours before our arrival.

We ensure that our cleaners follow the best practices. However, old items are usually prone to wear and tear and may lead to accidents, even if our cleaners interact with the utmost care. If you are sure that the damage is beyond wear and tear reasons, kindly pass us a complaint with a relevant photo as well.

We recommend you to remove your personal belongings and furniture, if possible, for a rapid cleaning process. However, our professional cleaners are accustomed to working in any given condition.

We recommend that you remove your personal belongings and furniture for a swift cleaning experience. However, our cleaning experts are familiar with any given situation as well.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane


Are you looking for an elite class bond cleaning solution? Fear not; we serve all the suburbs, and you might be just around the corner. We guarantee 100% satisfaction so that you don’t have to worry about our service quality.

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